Questions on Event Insurance

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What is event insurance?

Can we cover event cancellation due to terrorism?

Event cancellation - what is free terrorism cover?

Why can we not insure against fear of terrorism?

Can you insure against lack of attendance, ticket sales or interest?

What about reduced attendance due to some problem with transport, or similar?

Can you insure against financial failure of a supplier?

How close to the event can I arrange cover?

Can I insure against bad weather?

What happens if my event still goes ahead but it is disrupted in a way that causes me to lose revenue or expend more money than I had planned?

How much of the budget should I insure as I don't stand to lose everything even if the event is completely cancelled?

I am staging a charity dinner and the revenue that we expect is made up of the cover price and charitable donations on the night. How much can I insure?

Why are there so many restrictions and exclusions?

We have reduced these to a minimum, but there are four basic reasons for exclusions in insurance policies. They are either:

Have you ever paid a claim?