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Event Assured Professional

The Risks

Event business face the same legal challenges as any other business, and need to protect themselves against action for injury, damage or financial loss suffered by third parties, employees or clients.

In addition, the "Package Travel Regulations" impose onerous responsibilities on companies who create and sell packages of travel, accommodation and other tourist services. Many event organisers unwittingly find that that they are covered by these regulations yet may not have the right insurance to protect them. You don't need to send people on holidays to be liable under these Regulations, and you don't event need to book travel to create a travel package.

Event Assured Professional

Event Assured Professional has been designed for professional event organisers, including business which falls partly within the EU "Package Travel Regulations" where a simple tour operator's liability insurance or general professional indemnity insurance would be insufficient.

The standard wording covers the special liabilities which arise under the "Package Travel Regulations" or as travel agent, but also extends to provide general business liability cover, and where required, a full professional indemnity insurance.  

Key Features include:

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