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Exhibition Insurance

The Risks

Whether your exhibition is a local craft fair, or a global trade show, it is not immune from the risks which can affect any event, such as:

There are other examples, and you may well have had difficult situations in your own shows.


Event Assured Custom Built Event Insurance 

Event Assured Conference & Exhibition is a flexible portfolio of the key insurances designed to meet the needs of organisers of both public shows and trade fairs and protects your exhibition in the three key areas - Cancellation/Disruption, Property Damage & Money, and Legal Liabilities

We can also provide cover on an annual basis for companies who manage multiple events.

Key Features include:

Event Cancellation and Disruption

Key Features include:

We have developed extensions of cover to meet the precise needs of each event. These include:

  • Special Extensions designed for group and incentive travel include:
    • Travel Delay
    • Enforced Extended Stay
    • Invitees Extended Stay Protection
    • Invitee Reduction in Quality Compensation
    • Active Quality Protection
  • Event Property All Risks

    This can cover almost anything from furniture to audio visual equipment and marquees, and even money.

    Key Features include:

    * terms and conditions apply.

    Event Liability Insurance

    Key Features include:

    For full details of our Custom Built Event Insurance give us a call on 0800 840 2469 or +44 (0)1206 773940


    And Don't Forget Your Exhibitors

    Fortunately there is an easy solution:


    Event Assured Exhibitor Express

    Our online solution to the needs of exhibitors at exhibitions:

    Event Assured Exhibitor

    If your exhibitor needs tailored cover, this can include:


    For details of our online and tailor made exhibitor insurance products, please call us on 0800 840 2469 or +44 (0)1206 773940