Insurance Services for Professional Event Organisers

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Protection Your Clients

Working with the event industry trade association Eventia (now part of EVCOM), we have gained two important concessions under insurance mediation legislation, which means that event organisers can continue to offer certain vital insurance services to corporate clients as part of a rounded professional event management service:


Event Insurance for Your Clients' Events

If your client's event goes pear shaped, to who will your client look to sort it out? Who will pay the additional costs? How much do you and your client stand to lose if an event has to be called off or if disruption means reorganising or rescheduling?

We have worked with professional event organisers in providing event insurance for their corporate clients for over 24 years, and can help you and your clients deal with risk in events.


Travel Insurance for Business, Conference  & Incentive Travel

Ordinary travel insurance is not suitable for for group business or incentive travel. Consumer travel insurance contains too many restrictions and exclusions, and important benefit levels are inadequate. When it comes to corporate clients, ordinary travel insurance is not sufficient.

Event Assured Travel been designed in consultation with professional event organisers to provide a superior quality cover at competitive premiums.  If you regularly book travel groups you will find our Excel-based system a dream to use.

A quality product, competitive premiums and easy administration means it is once again worthwhile including travel insurance in your services to clients.


Protection for Your Business

We have worked with professional event organisers since 1990, and recognise that their businesses need more than just off the shelf insurance protection. 


Event Assured Professional

If your business includes the sale of pre-arranged packages of services including two out of three of travel accommodation and other tourist services for an event lasting more than 24 hours or involving an overnight stay, then you may have become a "tour operator". Even if this is only part of your business, our liability and professional indemnity insurance might interest you which includes cover for potential liabilities under the Package Travel Regulations.

Event Assured Professional is a combined liability and professional indemnity insurance which does just that. Click here for more information on Event Assured Professional.


Event Assured Liability

If you don't need tour operator's liability insurance, then Event Assured Liability is a combined employer's and public liability insurance designed for event organisers.

Click here for more information on Event Assured Liability.


Event Assured Office

A starting point for any business insurance programme is to protect its asset and earnings from fire, flood, theft and other risks. Most office insurances are packages which include liability cover, yet those same policies won't generally cover event organisers for events away from your own premises. This means potential for wasteful overlap or even worse, gaps in cover.  Event Assured Office is a competitively priced policy offering cover under the main headings of risk for typical office premises, designed to dovetail with our liability products.

Click here for more information on Event Assured Office.