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More and more brokers are moving to Event Assured for their clients' events. In these tough competitive times, we all realise they we must offer clients the best value in order to secure the business and keep our clients on board. The quality of cover, competitive rates and high service levels offered by Event Assured are what attract most.

For others the ability to trade on line, particularly for smaller events is key, and the new site does just that.

Using this site you can:

In other words, a fully functioning EDI system!

What amazing though is that the site is built using web 2.0 technology, so if you log in, the site speaks a different language, referring to "your client" rather than "you", which is how it "speaks" to a general enquirer.

If you are a broker looking to join our Partner Broker Club, call Rob Bentley on 0800 840 2469 or +44 (0)1206 773940, or visit