Become an Event Assured Affiliate

Your event, our risk(tm)

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If you are in the events industries as event organiser, venue or other supplier, you can earn additional income at no cost by joining the Event Assured Affiliate Scheme. It is good for your clients too as it encourages them to think about the risks which might affect their event, and provides a useful link to an easy to use on-line system.

Venues may find it particularly useful if built into the booking system enabling clients to quote and buy the insurance at the same time as booking venue space.

The scheme was recently introduced for members of the Meetings Industry Association (MIA), with the backing of former MIA Director, Charles Blowfield.

Similar facilities are now available to others in the industry, and also to insurance intermediaries who prefer to direct clients to a web site.

The scheme is very straightforward:

  1. We supply you with a coded hyperlink to our trading web site as a text string, and embedded in a variety of graphic files - you can choose which best suits you.
  2. You can use the links on web sites, in e mails or e newsletters - whatever works best for you. The hyperlink contains a unique code which automatically identifies the enquiry as having come from your web site, e mail etc.
  3. When the transaction is complete, your account is automatically credited with commission.

Does this sound interesting? If so call Rob Bentley on 0800 840 2469, or +44 (0)1206 773940, or e mail